Installing LaTeX on Linux

Hello everyone!

Long time I wrote a post here. As the title says, LaTeX. I have to  use this tool for documentation. So I went about learning more about this. Like many of the Linux softwares, this is also pretty easy to install and use.
For Unix based systems, all you need to enter in the terminal is :

sudo apt-get install texlive texlive-base

Once this is done, ‘texlive’ will be installed on your system.

Learning LaTeX is not really difficult. There are some basic rules which have to be followed.

You can choose your favourite editor, and type the content there. For example, I opened Gedit, and wrote this:

\title{Here is the title of your document}
\author{Priyans Murarka}
\date{August 2012}
   Hello world!

Ensure that you name the file as say, helloworld.tex . Once saved, open up the terminal, and enter the command:

This opens up pdflatex with two '*'. All you need to do now, is to enter the file name there and hit Return. In this case, we will enter helloworld.tex . Once entered, you will see a pdf file named 'helloworld.pdf'. This was simple about headings and all. Now moving to interesting stuff like writing down formulae in LaTeX. Formulae may seem a bit difficult in the beginning, but they are really interesting. For ex, suppose you want to enter greek letters, they are as simple as: '\alpha' - produces α or say there is a limit case which needs to be entered, then: '\lim_{x \to \infty} \exp(-x) = 0' - produces limx→∞ exp(−x) = 0 , with the x tending to infinity as a subscript.
There is a way to write even one of the most complex equations!
Its really a great tool!
For any reference for beginners as well as professionals, this book must be helpful!

PS: This post is courtesy Jay Rambhia. He forced me to write one.


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