Installing OMNeTpp-4.2.2 on Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangoline

Ok ! One more installation post!

Time is running a bit too fast to write something constructive! Anyhow, now I have to use OMNeTpp-4.2.2 for my SOP in Wireless Network Systems. OMNeTpp-4.2.2 is basically a network simulator. It can be used for both wired as well as wireless systems. I will be using it for establishing communication in the clusters to the respective gateways. All such gateways will then be having a TCP/IP communication with a central server located some place else.

The simulation will be involving a few clusters, a gateway for each of them, a Base Station and a few mobile nodes. Each cluster’s gateway has Time Division Multiplexing to communicate with all the sensor nodes. Such type of TDMA can be achieved using a protocol designed by us. The protocol takes care that there is 100% reliability of packet data transmission. The algorithm can be discussed in the further posts to come.

I will be using Zigbee.
This was in short about the idea. Now for installation , you can either refer to the wiki page of OMNeTpp-4.2.2. or you could follow the steps here:

You can download the tar file from here

Once downloaded, its simple!

Extract the tar file using terminal :

tar zxvf omnet-4.2.2-src.tgz

Now edit your ~/.profile file and add the following statements at the end of your file :

sudo gedit ~/.profile

export PATH=$PATH:~/omnetpp-4.2.2/bin

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:~/omnetpp-4.2.2/lib

Now its the usual drill!

Its done!
Now try running samples!

cd ~/omnetpp-4.2.2/samples/dyna

Well that was a short post! More on the protocol and the architecture design later!

P.S.: I am presenting here! See you soon!



  1. Nice work! But I get a warning to install Akaroa. However Akaroa doesn’t compile on 64 bit. Did you get this problem?

    1. Hey!
      Akaroa doesnt work in my case either. I tried installing it manually too, but of no help.

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