VLC Problem in Ubuntu 12.10


I was using VLC in Ubuntu 12.10 for some time. Today the application failed to open. The application had given me problems earlier too, today I finally resolved it.


If your VLC behaves erratically, then enter this command in your terminal:

lsb_release -a; uname -a; apt-cache policy vlc


Now if the output of the following is something like this:

No LSB modules are available.
Distributor ID: Ubuntu
Description: Ubuntu 12.10
Release: 12.10
Codename: quantal
Linux CrystalBox 3.5.0-19-generic #30-Ubuntu SMP Tue Nov 13 17:49:53 UTC 2012 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux
 Installed: 2.0.4-0ubuntu1
 Candidate: 2.0.4-0ubuntu1
 Version table:
 *** 2.0.4-0ubuntu1 0
 500 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ quantal/universe i386 Packages
 100 /var/lib/dpkg/status


Then enter the following command in terminal:

mv ~/.config/vlc ~/.config/vlc_old


This should solve the problem!


Happy holidays!


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