MSP430F2013 – JTAG Interfacing without using EZ430RF2500

Hello everyone!
It has been a long time since I wrote a post.

Anyhow, here is a quick post on what I have worked for a few days. I had ordered some free samples from TI. I had ordered an MSP430F2013 chip. The chip exists in different packaging. I wanted to test my circuits before I put them on the PCB, so I ordered the DIP one. The packaging is quite neat, and quite handy. It looks something like this:

Free sample - MSP430F2013 - DIP - 14 Pin

Free sample – MSP430F2013 – DIP – 14 Pin

Now IC check! As the title of this post suggests, I wanted to build an application around MSP430 and CC radio. I preferred to build the circuitry on my own, and not ordering the cool EZ430RF2500 (Yes, I get loads of free samples from TI, enough to make one EZ430 module on my own! ). We need to run a sample C code to blink an LED to verify that the IC is working. To upload the code on the same, we need to use JTAG interfacing. The JTAG interfacing was referred from here:

JTAG Interfacing

JTAG Interfacing

Note that it is mandatory to connect Pin numbers 1,3,5,7,9,11,8. And now depending on your JTAG Debugger, you can choose between 2 and 4. Please read the footnote in the image for further clarifications. I had MSP430FETUIF Debug interface which I again got from TI. It is a self-powered board, hence I connected pin no 2 and not 4. My JTAG Debugger looks something like this:

MSP430FET UIF JTAG interface

MSP430FET UIF JTAG interface

Before you begin connecting and develop something like this:

MSP430F2013 + PIR + JTAG Interface

MSP430F2013 + PIR + JTAG Interface

You need to make sure that you have all the necessary drivers and softwares. The necessary drivers for windows can be downloaded from here . ( Not a windows fan, but somehow I decided to do this project in windows. You can do the same in Linux too, and I have full confidence that it will work well in Linux too. ) After installing the drivers, note that you could either use IAR or Code Composer Studio to code the MSP. I used CCS v4 on Windows 7 64 Bit.

Latest, I interfaced a PIR Sensor with the MSP board. The PIR sensor though isn’t working as expected, primarily because of the operating voltage differences. The MSP works ar 3.3V while the PIR sensor works at voltage > 5V.

Note: Major problem during the entire development was the loose hardware connections. I soldered the IC base and plugged in an MSP. Apart from that, I used female headers and shorted the pins with the same. For the JTAG cable, I used double-sided male headers to connect the wires. Still there were a few loose connections, and because of the same, I used to get an error on CCS v4 that No MSP Device found on MSP430FET UIF. Kindly take care!

P.S.: Spending the next week at Google Sponsored, MIT Media Labs Design Innovation Workshop at PESIT Bangalore! See you there!



  1. Pritesh Gudge · · Reply

    Hi, Do you know how to program the state machines inside TI microcontrollers for performing continuous memory operations?

    1. Hey Pritesh,
      I am still new to MSP environment, but some googling enabled me to learn that there exists an MSP series which allows you to program state machines in TI controllers.

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