Latex Beamer Video Ubuntu


This is going to be a very short and a quick post.

I was working on a presentation and had to attach a few videos in the same. Attaching videos in Latex Beamer presentation is quite easy. There are several ways to do so:

  • package movie15 + \includemovie command. : Not reliable when using Acrobat Reader on Linux systems.
  • package multimedia + \includemovie command : Doesn’t work under okular / Acrobat. It keeps saying “cannot find player” or “cannot run attachment”
  • package hyperref + command \href {relative/path/to/video.mp4} : Works the best. Just doesn’t embed the player in the pdf, opens a new window.

I tried the above two commands, and it was giving me inconsistent results. The attached video file was working on one system, whereas it wasn’t working on other systems. The third command too, was giving me similar results as the previous commands when I was trying to use Acrobat Reader. On some googling, I realized that Acrobat doesn’t allow opening attachments in pdfs because of security issues. Possible workarounds: Try and change the security settings of Acrobat reader , or shift to a new reader 😛

I decided to shift to a new reader. Okular. Works great with my current application. 😀

However, if you are keen on trying to change the security settings on Acrobat reader, you could try this link. ( Only for Windows though. If anyone finds a link for Linux, please add them in comments. ) or you could try searching for help on .

P.S.: Loving Bangalore weather 😀


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