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Hi, Inspired by one of my ideas from here, I decided to tackle “Follow-A-Tweet”. Ok, now what exactly is the idea? Say a friend of your’s on twitter asked “Where can I buy electronics #Hardware in #Bangalore?” Now you being an electronics enthusiast, too wanted to know where you could buy hardware. You sure may […]

Multiple MPU6050s Sparkfun Breakout Board

Hi! This is in continuation from my earlier post. As I mentioned, I will be connecting Multiple IMUs on the same I2C bus. Now the problem is this: The IMUs are by default shipped with 0x68 as the I2C address. ┬áCommon logic says that we can not have multiple slaves on the I2C bus with […]

Arduino Serial Port Issue

Hi! While I was experimenting with Arduino and SparkFun’s MPU6050, I came across the usual problem of Serial port being grayed out in Arduino IDE. Earlier I always ignored the problem and restarting the system used to work for majority of the time. This time however, I was determined to find a solution. After experimenting […]

Interfacing Arduino Uno with MPU6050 Breakout board by Sparkfun

Hi! Its time for me to post about my work. So as I mentioned in my abstract, I will be working with low-cost IMUs. Last week, we procured Sparkfun’s MPU6050 IMU. It costs around $40 ( shipping not included). You can view the IMU here. Hardware Connections: The connections are pretty simple as MPU6050 follows […]

Thesis Abstract

Hi! It’s about time I put up the abstract of my thesis. This blog will focus more on the things I learn or develop during my thesis. I guess it will be a good exercise for me and a ready reference. Abstract: A reliable and infrastructure independent positioning system is a necessary tool to increase […]