Inspired by one of my ideas from here, I decided to tackle “Follow-A-Tweet”.

Ok, now what exactly is the idea?

Say a friend of your’s on twitter asked “Where can I buy electronics #Hardware in #Bangalore?” Now you being an electronics enthusiast, too wanted to know where you could buy hardware. You sure may be following the original poster, but generally the conversations of your friend with others (whom you don’t follow) are not shown on your feed. Now that you want all the responses for the said tweet, there should be a flexibility to “follow” a tweet.

What does following a tweet mean?

Following a tweet means that you will be notified all the responses to that particular tweet.

Why do you need this?

Trust me there are many tweets out there which you would want to follow.

Also it saves you the trouble of opening the particular tweet again and again on the browser.

You might want to follow any of these tweets:

Sidin Vadukut’s take on rapes, which happen all over the country and are never brought up.

Sidin Vadukut's take on rape

Or if you just want to follow one of Ashish Shakya’s jokes:

Ashish Shakya Joke

Or if you just want to follow random stuff:


A day before Breaking Bad’s S05E10, Betsy Brandt tweeted this: (P.S.: Trust me, it sure was true)

Betsy Brandt

Now, I have made a very basic Version 1 of this. It is available here, and it would be great if you could contribute to it!


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  1. This is great!

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