Proxy settings on BeagleBoardxM Angstrom with Authentication


This will be a quick post. I have a BeagleBoardxM running with Angstrom V2012.05 .

You can check your Angstrom’s version here:

cat /etc/version

I had to install some packages on the same. There are various informative posts to configure internet settings on the BBxM, however, I was behind a proxy which needed authentication. The following solution worked for me:

cat /etc/opkg/arch.conf

This generates an output which is somewhat similar to this:

arch all 1

arch any 6

arch noarch 11

arch arm 16

arch armv4 21

arch armv5 26

arch armv5-vfp 31

arch armv5e 36

arch armv5e-vfp 41

arch arm6-vfp 46

arch armv7a 51

arch arm7a-vfp 56

arch arm7a-vfp-neon 61

arch beagleboard 66

To add proxy settings, do as follows:

vi /etc/opkg/arch.conf

Add the following line in the end of the file:

option http_proxy http://<username>:<password>@<server_ip>:<port>

Few key points:

1. You can ignore username and password incase you do not need authentication.

2. It is important to enter the server ip address. For eg, if your proxy is say “” , and you enter the same, it wont work. You need to resolve the server address.

Once you are done with this, we have configured just the proxy. If you do 


you are most likely to find a local ip address to be associated with the beagle board.

To give your beagleboard a static ip address, you can do the following:

cat /etc/network/interfaces

Please search for ‘auto eth0’.

Enter the following:

# Wired or wireless interfaces

auto eth0

iface eth0 inet static





iface eth1 inet dhcp

Here, address corresponds to the IP address you would like to assign to your beagleboard. Accordingly enter netmask, gateway and network addresses.

Once this is done, enter the following command if you are connected to the beaglebaord using serial cable:

/etc/init.d/networking restart

If you do this when you have sshed into the board, you will lose connection. Else, you could always do a hard restart.

Once done, you can run the following commands successfully!

opkg update

I struggled for fetching all the information. So I thought I should make a small note of it.


One comment

  1. setting up per static ip are pretty irritating.

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