Solving the 2048 tile game

Finally some solution for the game! 😀

Interstellar Overdrive

I have working pretty hard on multiple projects recently, and that’s why I haven’t got the time to document my experiments with Cubieboard 2, but rest assured a good number of blog posts are coming up on that front.  However, I picked up this game from the internet called the 2048-tile game. Its a pretty neat (and addictive game) you can find the link here.

Here is the jist of what the game is – you have a 4*4 tile board and begins with 2 tiles with the number “2” on them. You can use the arrow keys to move all the tiles on the board in the 4 directions. Two tiles with the same number with combine to form a new tile with the next power of two, when they move in the direction you want them to.

Also, with every direction move, the game spawns a random…

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