I am Priyans Murarka! Self employed !

Pursued a degree in Electronics and Instrumentation from BITS Pilani K K Birla Goa Campus

The blog is primarily an archive of all the projects done by me!

You can drop me an email: priyansmurarka[at]gmail[dot]com



  1. hi…given a situation…in a dark room of 10by10 ft…6 or 7 bright ights are placed in any order…now my bot(s) at centre has to detect them and switch them off(just by hitting the plate surrounding the light source)…shall i go for ldr…or use a webcam on a linux+opencv running bot…and switch them off???….please help me…

    also,how you were able to calculate the distance between your bot and other bots to be ‘catched’ in the event catch me if u can…???thanks a lot…


    1. Hey,

      I would prefer using OpenCV over use of LDR.

      1. Using LDR, will not let you know where is the exact spot where the light is glowing. But using OpenCV, that can be easily determined.
      2. If the room lighting is not adequate, LDR may fail, while you can adjust your code in OpenCV to accommodate the lighting of the room.

      As far as the distance is concerned, that is quite easy. Firstly I found out the centroid of the fitted shape. Once I knew what were the co-ordinates, I could easily find out the distance, because I knew my co-ordinates.

  2. From where to buy msp430 MCU in India?? Any site for online purchase with minimum shipping cost??

    1. TI is generous enough to send free samples for academic purposes. So you can order samples from the TI website. If not for academic purposes, then you can buy the chips from the TI e-store.

  3. Apoorva .S · · Reply

    I am basically a girl from mechanical, but I truely loved to read about ur work , great interfacing, New dimensions, cool keep up.

  4. Gaurav Yeole · · Reply

    I am working one project in which I am supposed to use two MPU6050 accelerometer with arduino uno sensors. I want to collect the real time data of two accelerometers simultaneously and want to plot its real time graph. Then which software should I use for real time plot Matlab or Processing? and how to interface arduino data on matlab or processing?

    Thanks in advance

    1. I’d recommend you use Processing since it is easier to interface!

      Google up and you will find some codes which allow you to easily plot data using processing.

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