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MPU6050, BeagleBoard, KiCad, PCB and Stuff

Hi, As mentioned in my earlier post, I am moving towards interfacing MPU6050 with BeagleBoard. MPU6050 operates at 3v3 and BeagleBoard at 1v8. The I2C buses too use on the same voltage levels. The MPU6050 has an internal pull up resistor. For those who still do not get the issue, here it is explained in […]

Beat Feet at MIT Media Labs Design Innovation Workshop 2013

Hey everyone! As the title suggests, I had attended MIT Media Labs Design Innovation workshop at PESIT Bangalore from Jan 21-Jan 25 2013. As a part of Sensor Environments track, we in a team of four, built something known as Beat Feet. We were guided by Pragun Goyal, Masters student at MIT Media Labs and […]

MSP430F2013 – JTAG Interfacing without using EZ430RF2500

Hello everyone! It has been a long time since I wrote a post. Anyhow, here is a quick post on what I have worked for a few days. I had ordered some free samples from TI. I had ordered an MSP430F2013 chip. The chip exists in different packaging. I wanted to test my circuits before […]

Poll about my next project.

Hello everyone, It would be great if you could answer this quick poll! Thanks!

Wireless Intruder Detection System

Hello everyone, This is an informal project done with help of Arun Prasad and Sreejith Sir. The project aims at detecting an intruder in a secured environment. For these we use PIR ( Passive infra-red Sensors ) and Independent Xbees. Independent nodes were used. Custom PCB designs were made to sustain an Xbee module, PIR […]

2 way (Peer-to-Peer) chat system using Xbee

Hello everyone! Today I will write about a small chat client which I had made using Xbees. It is a peer-to-peer based chat system. Here I describe using only two nodes, but later in the post, I shall explain on how to develop chat system with more than 2 nodes. Firstly for a simple 2 […]