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Interfacing Arduino Uno with MPU6050 Breakout board by Sparkfun

Hi! Its time for me to post about my work. So as I mentioned in my abstract, I will be working with low-cost IMUs. Last week, we procured Sparkfun’s MPU6050 IMU. It costs around $40 ( shipping not included). You can view the IMU here. Hardware Connections: The connections are pretty simple as MPU6050 follows […]

Thesis Abstract

Hi! It’s about time I put up the abstract of my thesis. This blog will focus more on the things I learn or develop during my thesis. I guess it will be a good exercise for me and a ready reference. Abstract: A reliable and infrastructure independent positioning system is a necessary tool to increase […]

Gnuplot on Ubuntu 12.04

Hi! I have worked on OpenShoe project for almost a month now as a part of my Bachelor Thesis. Off late I had to use GNUPlot to plot the trajectory of the First Responder. The scripts for the same were already present. I had to get those scripts working on one laptop. I had to […]