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Referencing Figures in LaTeX

Small tip: Whenever referencing figures in LaTeX, do not refer in the following way: Blah blah \ref{figure1}. ^ Would give the following output: Blah blah ??. However, Blah blah \ref{figure1} . ^ will give the following output: Blah blah [1] .   The difference is the small space between the closing curly braces of “figure” […]

Solving the 2048 tile game

Originally posted on Interstellar Overdrive:
I have working pretty hard on multiple projects recently, and that’s why I haven’t got the time to document my experiments with Cubieboard 2, but rest assured a good number of blog posts are coming up on that front.  However, I picked up this game from the internet called the…

Online Scientific Calculator | EEWeb eCalc – Online Scientific Calculator with integrated Unit Converter

Why is important Open Source Hardware Community to use Open Source CAD tools

Originally posted on olimex:
Eagle PCB Layout is around for many years and with their freeware 80x100mm licensee attracted lot of Open Source Enthusiasts to use it. If you check the OSHW projects which people release probably 80% of them are made with Eagle for the same reason. When Eagle was available for free, nothing…

Undefined reference to `clock_gettime`

Hi, Quick small post: Whenever you face an error like: Undefined reference to `clock_gettime` while ‘make’, it would be a good idea to edit the makefile and add the following: LDADD = -lrt Define this around CXXFLAGS , LDFLAGS etc. Once defined, make sure that at the end of the file you have the following […]


Hi, Inspired by one of my ideas from here, I decided to tackle “Follow-A-Tweet”. Ok, now what exactly is the idea? Say a friend of your’s on twitter asked “Where can I buy electronics #Hardware in #Bangalore?” Now you being an electronics enthusiast, too wanted to know where you could buy hardware. You sure may […]

700 Free Online Courses From Top Universities

Originally posted on Satish Kapalavayi:
This collection includes over 700 free courses in the liberal arts and sciences. Download these audio & video courses straight to your computer or mp3 player. Note: Found this post in a website, hope it will help. Humanities & Social Sciences Archaeology Hannibal – iTunes – Patrick Hunt, Stanford Out of the Past – Web…