I guess its about time to introduce a page like this. Here I will be posting all the different ideas on which I would like to work on. One day, I will be able to solve all these problems. šŸ˜€

  • FruitGlove.

Problem Statement / Use Case Scenario: Say I decide to cook something. I need to get a proper recipe and ingredients. Google or my mom will surely send me the recipe. Ingredients ? The recipe will taste better only if I use not so ripe tomatoes. Now consider me, a guy who has rarely gone to buy vegetables. How will I know which tomatoes are ripe and which are not? I need some help out here! Well, if I have a glove or whatever which can help me decide what kind of tomatoes to buy for what recipe, it would really solve my problems.

  • Micro Level Parking Management.

Problem Statement / Use Case Scenario: Bob lives in a crowded city like Bangalore / Mumbai. He is tired of existing parking issues in the city. He talks to his friend, Candy, who lives near Bob’s workplace. Candy allows Bob to park his car outside her apartment during her work hours. Bob agrees to pay Candy some money to rent her parking space for the said duration. Now Bob can park his car without any hesitation and Candy can earn some quick money šŸ˜€

  • Follow-A-Tweet

Twitter allows you to follow people. Thats cool. Sometimes following people isn’t just enough. Some tweets are really meaningful / inspiring that you would want to know more about it. Say someone who I follow, say Person P, tweeted this: Where can I get XYZ from ABC place? . Now I too want to know more about buying XYZ thing at ABC place. The only way possible right now involves the following steps:

– Go to P’s twitter page.

– Search for the tweet, ie “Where can I get XYZ at ABC place?”

– Click on the tweet to see possible replies.

Trust me doing this every time is a pain. I suggest something which is very easy. Introduce a concept to follow a particular tweet. All the replies associated with the tweet should be visible in my twitter feed. There exist options toĀ favoriteĀ someone’s tweet, but still I need to go to my selectedĀ favoriteĀ tweets and view the responses.

Anyone interested to work on the above ideas is free to send me an email or reply here in comments. If you have more ideas which you would like to discuss, shoot an email!


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