Important Links!

This is like a reference page which I have created. It has one of the most important links which were used in developing any of the projects described in the posts.

I will keep updating this page as and when necessary!

Arduino tutorials! Highly recommended here!

This is an important link to understand different API Modes ! Here.

I took Power Searching With Google course! Here !

Learning LaTeX! Here. and the PDF version of The [Not so] Short Guide to LaTeX .

Learning about different API Modes, click here!

Learning about Xbee or Zigbee protocols can be made easier if one follows Robert Faludi’s blog / book based on Wireless Sensor Networks. It is explained in great detail and is a pleasure to read! The book can be downloaded from here. The blog never ceases to amuse me with its new ideas!

Learning OpenCV -> Ebook by Gary Bradski. One of the best books in the market. Apart from this, we also have Willowgarage wiki page.

Arduino Help -> Arduino community  discussions and forums.

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