Hi, As mentioned in my earlier post, I am moving towards interfacing MPU6050 with BeagleBoard. MPU6050 operates at 3v3 and BeagleBoard at 1v8. The I2C buses too use on the same voltage levels. The MPU6050 has an internal pull up resistor. For those who still do not get the issue, here it is explained in […]

Hi, This will be a quick post. I have a BeagleBoardxM running with Angstrom V2012.05 . You can check your Angstrom’s version here: I had to install some packages on the same. There are various informative posts to configure internet settings on the BBxM, however, I was behind a proxy which needed authentication. The following […]

Hi, Inspired by one of my ideas from here, I decided to tackle “Follow-A-Tweet”. Ok, now what exactly is the idea? Say a friend of your’s on twitter asked “Where can I buy electronics #Hardware in #Bangalore?” Now you being an electronics enthusiast, too wanted to know where you could buy hardware. You sure may […]

Hi! This is in continuation from my earlier post. As I mentioned, I will be connecting Multiple IMUs on the same I2C bus. Now the problem is this: The IMUs are by default shipped with 0x68 as the I2C address. ┬áCommon logic says that we can not have multiple slaves on the I2C bus with […]

Hi! While I was experimenting with Arduino and SparkFun’s MPU6050, I came across the usual problem of Serial port being grayed out in Arduino IDE. Earlier I always ignored the problem and restarting the system used to work for majority of the time. This time however, I was determined to find a solution. After experimenting […]

Hi! Its time for me to post about my work. So as I mentioned in my abstract, I will be working with low-cost IMUs. Last week, we procured Sparkfun’s MPU6050 IMU. It costs around $40 ( shipping not included). You can view the IMU here. Hardware Connections: The connections are pretty simple as MPU6050 follows […]

Hi! It’s about time I put up the abstract of my thesis. This blog will focus more on the things I learn or develop during my thesis. I guess it will be a good exercise for me and a ready reference. Abstract: A reliable and infrastructure independent positioning system is a necessary tool to increase […]